Cherry Poppin’

First post… . A little daunting, obviously, but the barrier has to be broken down somehow.

I’ve looked at other ‘first posts’, to see how it’s done, but that didn’t help much. Firstly, a blog is a personal thing, so looking at what someone else is doing doesn’t really help that much. Secondly, there was no definitive ‘first post’ template that I found. Some people introduced themselves, others just jumped right in there.

So, as a blog is a personal thing, I’ve decided to start with something I think will help me in this, and also serve the dual purpose of allowing you to see if this blog is something you’d be interested in reading. I’ll try to keep it short, and maybe I’ll expand on some of the points in future posts.

  • Why start this blog?

  1. Motivation – I’m a terribly unmotivated person. However, there are so many things I want to do better! I’m hoping to keep track of things I want to improve upon, to motivate me. I’m really hoping that this blog will help me.
  2. Organisation – for similar reasons to above. I think they go hand-in-hand.
  3. Writing – I like to write, but as mentioned already, motivation is lacking. I’m not trying to make it into a career (I’ve heard horror stories of burgeoning journalists), but I do know I still want to improve. I won’t be trying to write with perfect english, or be grammatically correct all of the time on this blog, but in terms of style I’m hoping I’ll see a change for the good. It also means I have to write something.
  4. Fun – God forbid, I might actually like it! I’ve followed a blogs for a while, reading them for the last few years and thinking about starting one. I like the idea of the blogging community, and can see how much people have gained from it. The power of the internet, and how people have begun to utilize it, really does amaze me.

I’m terrified of putting this out here, and even more so of someone I know finding out about it (eek!).


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