Happy (Belated) Birthday, J.K Rowling!

And Harry Potter, while we’re at it!

Funny, given that my earlier post was on reading, but I just noticed that it was J.K Rowling’s birthday yesterday.

I had a professor ask us to think of who our heroes were. He didn’t really believe that people had heroes now, as much as they would have in other generations. Well, I thought about it for a while, and  when Mrs. Rowling popped into my head I couldn’t believe I had not thought of her before. I’m a die-hard Harry Potter fan, and any interview I’ve seen or read of hers has made me a fan of the author, too.

If you’ve never heard of her story, please do investigate it. I’ve read about it, watched documentaries. It’s very inspirational (and I don’t really throw that word around lightly).

Happy Birthday, hero.

p.s, if you’re also a Harry Potter fan but have never visited her website, do it! It’s so fun.

    • cl7291 said:

      Ah, how did I forget? Of course, Neville. Thanks 🙂

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